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Arcadia, CA


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As seen on Business Insider, Hypebeast, and USA Today, The Watch Standard is a watch trading company specializing in Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Tudor, Omega and more. 

I was hired to develop and implement a social media strategy to establish a brand presence in the market while also boosting engagement which led to an increase of 848 to an average of 56,200 in the brand’s social media reach and 1,792% increase in following in 3 months.​​ I developed and produced over 100 short-form videos on TikTok and Reels which created a community and  established a name in the watch trading market. 

I oversaw campaigns and influencer collaborations like Hypebeast and content creators like Jas Price (singer Drake's entrepreneur partner), Don Benjamin, and more.

I also coordinated and produced weekly podcasts where I was the co-host-- I researched topics, current news within the market, and led the direction of the podcast.

The Watch Standard Podcast Ep. 2

The Watch Standard Podcast Ep. 4


TWS' objective was to establish a social media presence and gain engagement  I developed and maintained a posting schedule and a brand aesthetic to mirror the premium quality of the brand. 
As a Senior Social Media Strategist I-

  • Develop and lead strategy to enhance and increase brand awareness which led to an increase of 848 to an average of 56,200 in the brand’s social media reach and 1,792% increase in following in 3 months.

  • Autonomously manage social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube and create organic and paid content like short form videos, graphics, etc.

  • Partner with marketing and creative team which included but not limited to content development, community management, insights and analytics, etc.

  • Research and utilize digital and social analytical tools to inform future content-making decisions or optimizations. 

  • Lead junior content strategist to help drive brands content initiative on all social channels, podcasts, videos and other media outlets.

  • Optimize content execution techniques for promotional function and campaign coordination.

  • Co-host and produce brand’s weekly podcasts, prepare and research fresh ideas and create show formats.

TWS Report Instagram & Tiktok

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