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Creative Direction and Brand Marketing






Los Angeles, USA


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MULLA is a wholesale apparel brand specializing in small-batch collection made of premium quality, carefully sourced materials.

I was hired to establish a brand aesthetic and brand presence in the market. I developed a creative, marketing and sales foundation for MULLA.


Responsible for the concept, design and on-brand execution I began by rebranding-- I created a minimal logo that had more character to mirror the brands objective of producing higher quality clothes. I then established a social media presence by creating a post schedule and created weekly content like newsletters, video form content, and interactive social media posts. Established the vision for a series of Weekly Sample Sneak Peaks, which led to 3,942 Impressions, 233 profile visits and 23 website taps. Each post reached about 800-1,000 accounts. 

I coordinated weekly photoshoots-- scheduled the model, developed a concept and booked the location. I oversaw on-set and styled the model specifically for our re-brand aesthetic but to also gain traction for our target audience. 

Developed a B2B digital marketing strategy plan consisted of defining a goal, analysis, strategic options, plan resources, and tracking analytics to optimize performance. 

I worked closely and communicated successfully with all members of the creative team, including the head designer, production managers, photographer, and digital team. 

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Analytics of Social Media 

MULLA's objective was to establish a social media presence and gain traction. I developed and maintained a posting schedule and a brand aesthetic to mirror the premium quality of the brand. 
As an Associate Creative Director and Social Media Manager I-


  • Responsible for the concept, design, and on-brand execution of all visual material. Developed B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies. 

  • Establish a brand aesthetic and creative direction to broaden the target audience and maintain brand presence in the market, which led to a 125% increase in the brand’s social media interaction and reach

  • Create weekly content like email newsletters, SMS campaigns, video form content, print and digital mood boards, and interactive social media posts. 

  • Coordinate weekly photoshoots, book talent and location, style and prepare sample shoots. Oversee on-set and retouch photos during post-production

    While with MULLA, I established a brand aesthetic, assisted in coordinating weekly photoshoots, styled the model, helped with post-production by retouching photos, created weekly newsletters, all of which brought in a foundation for a new target audience while keeping the current cliental. With my interaction and engagement through social media, I helped bring sales up by 15% and bring in new customers that ordered more than once. 

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