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I started PHNE FTSH as a passion project and to serve as a creative outlet during the past year. Wanting to recognize the 2000s phone charm, I took the concept but created a more luxurious look to a functional accessory.


Behind PHNE FTSH, I--

- Design and manage the website.

- Create new weekly product designs. 

- Set up collaborations with small/local businesses with the goal of engagement growth. 

- Manage social media marketing by creating a schedule for photo and video posts, design graphics and engage with potential customers. 

- Established a strategic advertisement plan for digital marketing through Facebook Ad Management and Instagram. 

- Collaborate with various creators with following from 6,000 - 120,000 followers.

- Participate in pop-ups and serve as the front face.

More than 500 units have sold and 70 made-to-order phone strap wristlets in the past 4 months.

Below are some examples showcasing the meticulous details behind the branding design-- from sourcing the font from a typeface designer, to the product photography, the logo to the overall color theme. Product design is very important to me; I source the materials and assure product quality with every bead and cord to guarantee products the mirror my sustainable approach. 

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